Locksmith Scams Beware


Before you select your Locksmith Read This!

Hello ! My Name is Robert. I am the owner of Rescue Locksmith Services in Goose Creek , SC. I have been in business over 10 years and often I hear some of my customers complaining about some of the suspicious locksmiths showing up at their door. They often have impressive web sites and they look legitimate on the surface. But do not be fooled. You may have just called someone looking to make a fast buck and may take advantage of you. Here are some of the things to look for and what my customers have told me.

“Hey I called this other guy and I have been waiting for hours for this guy to show up. I called this 800 number and the dispatch told me a locksmith is on the way! Then he shows up in an unmarked car and tries to open my door with a credit card which broke. On the phone they told me the unlock was $19 but when he got done he told me the bill was $129. When I asked about the difference he said there was a service charge of $110. He then threatened to put a mechanics lean on my home if I didn’t pay.”

Yes folks. This is a true story. There are people out there putting up these fancy websites pretending to be locksmith companies. They often are not even in the area even if their web site claims they are. Some do have local numbers as well forwarding to the dispatch. They work through a dispatch service which will hire just about anybody to go unlock peoples homes and cars and split the profit with them.

Try to get a firm price on the phone. Ask how much the service charge and unlock fee is. Most of the time they should be able to tell you this ahead of time although sometimes charges can be more if there is a problem with the lock itself. Also ask if you are speaking to the locksmith. Many locksmith companies are sole proprietorships. Most often the person answering the phone is usually the locksmith. Ask if they are licensed, bonded and insured. When they arrive ask to see their business License. Just about every city requires a business license to do business in their city. Goose Creek,SC ,Charleston,SC, Summerville, SC  Hanahan, SC North Charleston, SC  Dorchester County all require business licenses to operate. Ask to see their business license. If they cannot produce it, call someone else, get their tag number and check with your local municipality to see if they are operating legally. If not report them. Also the city of Hanahan requires a sticker showing they are licensed. Look for it!


Look for a marked van with the companies name clearly marked. If your calling a locksmith, you want a full service locksmith to show up with a van full of the necessary equipment to get the job done. If they show up in a car…Red Flag!


Look for a uniform with a company name. If you are legit, most companies invest in uniforms and don”t mind displaying their companies name.

Get a written invoice with the charges before the work is started. Check Angie’s list and customer reviews. Be careful here though sometimes they produce their own reviews so look for a time span on the reviews and read them. Sometimes it is obvious. Angie’s list is pretty reliable though. Ask a neighbor. Word of mouth goes a long way. You can count on Rescue Locksmith Services LLC to be your security professional. Most locksmith Suppliers will not do business with out verification and background checks. So if your locksmith is not well equipped, Beware! You may be calling a criminal. Call us at 843 553-7377. Put us in your phone’s calling directory and worry no more.


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